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Sacred Frankincense — The Cure for Cancer?

Miraculous Molecules of Transformation


Boswellic acids are some of the main compounds found in the frankincense species of sacra and carterii that science is claiming to be anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory. There are two species which contain the most boswellic acid and therefore the most therapeutic qualities: Boswellia carteri from East Africa at 40 percent and Boswellia sacra from Oman at 42 percent. Boswellia sacra offers more ability to be effective against cancer and other diseases. The research supporting this claim has centered on three important factors: selection of species, place of origin, and the quality of chemical constituents found in each. I invite you to read this research paper on frankincense.

Young Living Frankincense Essential OilIt is noteworthy that the cancer rate in Oman is much lower than in other countries of the world. Mahmoud Suhail, M.D., Young Living's partner in the Omani frankincense venture, recently shared with Gary Young the latest disease statistics for Oman. Out of a population of almost three million, the total number of malignancies in Oman in 2008 was 1,992, with total deaths of 194. The population of the United States is 305 million, and in 2009 there were 1,479,350 cases of cancer with 562,000 deaths.

Dr. Suhail wrote, "This means during 2008 and per every 10,000 population, 7 got cancer in Oman, while 48.5 got cancer in the United States." That's 6.9 times more cancer in the U.S. than in Oman! Because the cancer rate is so low in Oman, there are no oncology wards in the Omani hospitals in the Dhofar region.

Interestingly enough, the Omani people, unfortunately, have many factors that favor or promote cancer such as smoking, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, low exercise levels, and bad food habits. But they're doing something right — could it be that their use of frankincense has had its impact in the prevention of cancer? Some Omanis believe that their cancer-free life is a result of burning the frankincense resin and chewing it daily.

The local people of Oman have been harvesting the wild Boswellia sacra's precious resin for centuries, mostly for its incense-like odor, but also for its various health benefits such as: fly repeller, stomach soother, cough remover, blood thinner, cold drier, wound cleaner, joint oiler, antiseptic.

Dr. Suhail has discovered that frankincense seems to have an extraordinary effect on cancer cells. "Essentially, it reprogrammes the nucleus so that it no longer believes it's a cancer cell, and the surrounding cell is then destroyed," he says. "It's like reformatting a computer."

The low levels of cancer among the Omani population suggest that the researchers may well be on to something. "We examined around 40 patients a day, six days a week, 12 months of the year, and we only saw one cancer case in 2010 and three the year before," says Suhail.

We're pretty sure that it will be more helpful to cancer patients than most drugs currently available. And personally, I think that it will be more helpful to cancer patients than all current anti-cancer drugs. It's a huge discovery. Nobody has done this before – changed the DNA of cancer cells. It could be as revolutionary as the discovery of penicillin. — Dr. Suhail


"There are trees from Oman now growing in Somalia and India, but their chemical properties have changed. Here they grow just right. The limestone soil and the early-morning mist combine to create the perfect conditions. It means Oman really does produce the best frankincense in the world." says Dr. Suhail. Sacred Frankincense is native to the southern Arabian kingdom of Oman and isavailable exclusively through Young Living Essential Oils, marking the first time any Westerners have experienced its unique properties. Sacred Frankincense had never before been exported commercially until a year ago when Young Living was grand special permission to build a distillery in Oman. Sacred Frankincense had previously been available only to the Omanis and the royalty of the Middle East.


The Boswellia sacra frankincense that was taken to the Christ Child, the holy anointing oil, the Sacred Frankincense, has been found to carry very high if not the highest sesquiterpene levels, highest boswellic acids, highest (D.R.C.) DNA-repair capacity, and highest anti-cancer properties in the world. After 15 years of planning and preparation, this highly prized, ancient oil is now available only from Young Living, the World Leader in Essential Oils. I am proud that we have the two finest species of frankincense in Young Living – Boswellia carterii and now, our new addition, Boswellia sacra. — Gary Young



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